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The acredo brand is represented in more than 90 stores in 16 countries. Our presence is particularly strong in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You will always find us near you.

Our partners are specialists for wedding rings, engagement rings, diamonds and jewelry. They are very committed to these wonderful subjects.

We are happy to pass the knowledge thus gathered on to you. Our aspiration is to create your perfect pieces of jewelry together with you. We look forward to welcoming you.
We take our time for you

We take our time for you

Creating a piece of jewelry requires good craftsmanship and creativity and also a lot of time.

We therefore recommend that you start your project ideally six months but definitely six weeks before the required date. Our experts help you at the stores with their ideas and inspiration.

As we take great care in understanding your individual situation and requirements, a consultation will take at least one hour. Please take this time frame into account when planning your visit, and turn your consultation into an experience.

With the help of our innovative configuration technology, we work with you to develop ring and jewelry models using our state-of-the art workspace. Not only will you be provided with a photorealistic depiction. We will also immediately inform you of the price calculation. And you will therefore always have a good overview.

And if things have to go fast, we consider it a challenge.

Inspiring range of models

All of the acredo models are a source of inspiration for your individual rings and pieces of jewelry.

Our acredo partners present a wide variety of models in their stores that provide you with a perfect overview of possibilities. Precious stones sparkle in the display cases.

You will find the perfect jewelry match for your personal style, from natural over elegant to cool. Or be inspired by rings with diamond bands, luxurious platinum and excellent diamonds. Ring sets are one of acredo’s particular strengths, as a combination of engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring right from the beginning.

Browse the wide variety to select your favourite models. Join us in our comfortable consultation zones to get a touch and feel for the models.

We consider it important that you can develop a sense of how the piece of jewelry feels during the consultation. For only what feels right will be worn with pleasure.
Profiles with the highest wearing comfort

Profiles with the highest wearing comfort

The profile is an important criterion for your rings to feel comfortable on your finger. This refers to the cross section of the ring.

Our profile overview shows you the large variety of forms, designed either convex outward or inward, or with straight elements. All acredo profiles have a high wearing comfort because of the smooth transition at the sides.

Each profile has its own fit. Depending on the height and the width, rings can feel very different on your finger. Each profile is therefore available in several widths. Try different widths to find your favourite.

Please bear in mind that the proportions should be balanced relative to your fingers. The width of the ring is also influenced by the question whether you will choose to wear one, two or three rings on one finger.

By the way: even with wedding rings, the women’s and the men’s profiles do not necessary have to be the same. Our store advisors will be happy to explain the different profiles.

The perfect ring size

The acredo partners have ring size sets with different profiles that are used to determine the right ring size.

The fit of a profile that is convex inward differs greatly from the fit of a profile that is straight on the inside. A convex profile slips easier on the finger, a straight profile is more difficult.

The width of the ring shank and the proportions of the finger will also have to be taken into account when determining the ring size.

We keep all of these criteria in mind when jointly determining the perfect ring size for you. Our partners are equipped with all kinds of measuring instruments that help to advise you in depth. The final decision will be all yours.

Inspiring. 100% Unique. International.

Almost the original - model rings

Almost the original - model rings

The configuration unfolds unbelievable opportunities. On the other hand, it also asks you as a customer to make many decisions. You determine the height, width, color, size, stones etc. Some decisions are easier, some more difficult.

At acredo we have model rings on offer that support you as much as possible in your decision-making process and to avoid any insecurity.

The model rings are silver and have the same form, width, height and size as your dream rings, which allows you to develop a perfect feeling of what it would be like to wear them.

We need approximately 14 days to make these rings. Please bear this time frame in mind when planning the purchase of your rings. The price of the model rings can be offset against the order.

Should you require additional details such as grooves, stones, surface structures or engraving, this is also possible at an additional charge.

If you find out that something needs to be changed based on the model ring, we will be happy to implement this in your order.

Delivery time

Every acredo product is individually created in our workshop.

We therefore need between two and five weeks to make it. The duration depends on the model as well as on the order volume in the factory.

As soon as you have placed your order and made the advance payment, it is passed on online to manufacturing. This is one of our major strengths. Your order will be created, reviewed and sent to the acredo partner - exactly in line with your configuration, where you will be presented with the piece of jewelry of your dreams.

If you decide in advance that you wish to have a model ring first, the overall time frame is extended by two to four weeks. We therefore generally recommend that our customers plan their time generously.

However, if need be we can make many things happen. After all, it’s all about love.
Scheduling Arrangements

Scheduling Arrangements

We find it important to provide our customers with detailed and authentic advice. We are happy to be at your service. And therefore, please give yourself enough time for the consultation.

If you wish to make an appointment, this can be arranged with the acredo partners in advance. We especially recommend that you make an appointment for consultations in the evenings and on weekends.

Call us by phone, send an e-mail or schedule an appointment in the online calendar and we will send you a confirmation.

One of our advisors will reserve a generous time slot for the talk with you, in which you will be able to discuss all questions in detail. This way, we will gradually develop your very own personal piece of jewelry together.

Inspiring. 100% Unique. International.

The ring wedding

The creative design process with the jewelry designer is already very special.

And the moment when you are holding your personal rings or pieces of jewelry in your hands for the first time is even more special.

We have often experienced emotional moments in our stores. This is why we refer to this moment as the ring wedding.

We would like to make the ring wedding an experience for you. Therefore we kindly ask you to take some time. To make an appointment in advance would be ideal, as it allows you to browse the jewelry of your dreams at leisure and feel its symbolic power. Ideally, you can already make an appointment when you place your order.
The acredo case

The acredo case

The presentation and safekeeping of a piece of jewelry must be celebrated. And the acredo case was created exactly for this purpose.

Golden and beige tones surround the piece of jewelry, while giving it the centre stage. The inner material has a wonderful feel. It feels smooth and velvety and gives your jewelry the best possible protection.

As a special service and for safekeeping, you will also be presented with a small bag for your wedding ring. The enclosed certificate provides you with important advice on jewelry care.