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Vintage Engagement Rings

The traditional milgrain creates beautiful yet contemporary engagement rings with a vintage look.

Grain after grain is lined up in a single or multiple line on the ring. The thickness of the grains can also vary at acredo.

Try it out and create your unique engagement ring in vintage style. Or simply choose a model from our catalogue. Have fun.

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Vintage Engagement Rings

A vintage wedding combines traditional and new elements. The term vintage means old, venerable, outstanding. The vintage style therefore gives a classic, dignified character to a modern wedding.

Vintage Wedding - Vintage Engagement

It is not far from the vintage wedding to the vintage engagement and the vintage engagement rings. If you love vintage style, you should go for it. This includes the appropriate decoration, the appropriate clothing and also the vintage engagement ring.

Since the vintage engagement ring should perfectly match the style and still be contemporary, at acredo you have the possibility to choose an engagement ring with milgrain from our catalogue or you design it yourself. Our designers have thought about the most beautiful engagement rings with vintage details. We present these models in our catalogue.

Traditional pattern for vintage engagement rings

In the catalogue you will find engagement rings in vintage style with milgrain in different thicknesses. From fine to very distinct pearls that can be seen in a straight line on the ring. Interesting designs are created by combining 2 or even more millgrain patterns. This is another name for bead joint. Traditional milgrain can even be applied to the side of the ring.

The goldsmith achieves the milgrain with the help of a small wheel. And miraculously, every ring circumference always ends up with whole pearls on the vintage engagement rings. This is a very traditional process that we combine with rings that are made with the latest technologies in our manufactory in Germany. Every vintage engagement ring leaving the manufactory is unique.

Vintage engagement rings

And now imagine you are going on a trip to the countryside. You are wearing a dress. Your partner dressed up in a shirt, bow tie and trousers with braces. At an idyllic spot, your partner surprises you and asks "Will you marry me?"
You will be radiant and your eyes will sparkle - competing with your unique vintage engagement ring.