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Platinum Engagement Rings

A platinum engagement ring is a statement of love. Platinum is pure emotion.

Choose your favourite model and configure your personal platinum engagement ring. Exclusive and irresistible.

A platinum engagement ring has style and a unique power of persuasion. Platinum and excellent diamonds - an engagement ring with ideal prerequisites for a "Yes, I do".

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Platinum Engagement Rings

She is unique, she is the best decision in your life and for you she is the star: your dream woman. Engagement rings made of platinum can best show off this high appreciation. Because platinum engagement rings are unique in a double sense: the combination of platinum, the rarest material on earth, and the diamond, the rarest precious stone, cannot be beaten. Engagement rings made of platinum are purer than any other material and shine like the brightest star in the sky - for eternity.

Engagement rings made of platinum: off to a shared future

Platinum engagement rings are far too precious to put away after the wedding. There are even more reasons for continuing to wear platinum engagement rings: platinum can be combined with any type of jewellery and clothing and is resistant. Even if platinum engagement rings need to be refurbished after some time, the material is only displaced in the process. The precious platinum remains one hundred percent intact - just like your love. The pleasant weight of your platinum engagement rings will always remind you of each other and of your engagement. Shiny white, natural and aesthetic: platinum engagement rings dress - even after the wedding.

Turn double unique into triple unique

The acredo wedding ring configurator makes your precious platinum engagement rings even more unique. By designing your proposal rings yourself, you give them a personal touch and thus make them unique not only because of the platinum and the diamond. To determine the look of your platinum engagement rings, you choose the alloy, ring band and setting yourself, for example. You can also determine the stone size and quality: Large, small, fine white or flawless. Our advisors will be happy to show you different design options as well as diamonds and tailor the ring to your needs. This way, your platinum engagement rings will not only be your faithful companions until your wedding, but also for the golden time afterwards.