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Classic Wedding Rings

Classic wedding rings convince with their timeless elegance. They often stand for the beginning of a family tradition.

A simple ring in gold or platinum is worn without a stone, with a larger stone or a diamond band.

Discover the wedding ring classics from acredo with round, heart-shaped, princess, baguette, navette, oval or emerald diamonds.

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Classic Wedding Rings

For centuries, classic wedding rings have been the symbol of eternal love and a strong bond. Even today, brides and grooms around the world continue this tradition and wear traditional wedding rings throughout their lives. Wedding rings should therefore not only be as durable as your love, but also keep their appeal in the long term. Classic wedding rings with their timeless and simple design are especially suitable in this respect. By combining them with exciting diamonds, elegant complementary rings and modern jewelry, classic wedding rings will definitely stand out from the crowd and become unique pieces of jewelry.

A wide range of Classic Wedding Rings at acredo

At acredo, bridal couples have a wide range of different materials, metals and diamonds to choose from for their classic wedding rings. Tailored to your personal preferences, you can opt for a ring made of gold, white gold, rose gold, red gold, Signature gold or platinum to match your skin tone. Together with a simple diamond or an eternity ring you create a timeless, elegant ring set.

Or add a trendy touch to your classic wedding rings: wear unusual accessories at your wedding and choose a striking diamond. Your classic wedding rings get a nice touch by adding a special complementary ring or a personal engraving.

Personal interpretation of Classic Wedding Rings

Interpret classic wedding rings yourself and incorporate your ideas of classic wedding rings into the design. With the acredo wedding ring designer, you can easily view the classic wedding ring materials at home and combine them with matching diamonds. Thus, you design the classic wedding rings yourselves and you will love them throughout your whole life. We are pleased to advise you in any of our numerous stores, to decide which classic color suits you best and which accessories suit best to classic wedding rings. Set a symbol for eternity - with classic wedding rings!