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Modern Wedding Rings

Uncomplicated style characterizes the modern wedding rings from acredo.

Modern wedding rings are easy to combine with an engagement ring or an eternity ring. No matter if in combination or worn solo, they are adaptable companions in turbulent everyday life.

Be inspired by our selection of modern wedding rings and combine to your heart's content. Chic wedding rings unexitingly modern.

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Modern Wedding Bands

Modern is what pleases here and now. Modern wedding rings therefore follow the spirit of the times and yet have to manage the balancing act of timelessness, because they should accompany us for a lifetime. The chic and understated modern wedding rings from acredo easily achieve this.

Modern wedding rings in white-rosé

We present modern wedding rings mainly in white gold with subtle accents in rose or red gold. These rings are true combination artists. Almost any piece of jewellery is suitable as a complement. If modern wedding rings are worn together with an engagement ring or a memoir ring, they have a restrained effect. Worn alone, they take up dignified space and tell your personal love story.

Modern wedding rings with inner values

Simple on the outside, modern wedding rings often impress on the inside with incredibly creative engravings that tell of getting to know each other, travelling together and special shared experiences. Focal points are small brilliant-cut diamonds or modern princess and baguette diamonds. The simplest option is a modern wedding ring made of fine white gold or impressively heavy platinum without any diamonds at all.

Modern wedding rings with an excellent feel

Feel the acredo difference. The modern wedding rings from acredo all have the outstanding comfort of the acredo profiles. Profile means the shape of the rings. In the case of modern wedding rings, this can be straight on the inside and outside, slightly curved or strongly curved. Have fun trying them on.