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Two Tone Wedding Rings Complement

Two tone wedding rings are created by either a horizontal or a vertical colour separation.

Complement means "to complete". In the case of our two tone wedding rings, two colours complement each other to create a harmonious whole.

The most popular colour combinations for two tone wedding rings are white-yellow, white-pink and white-red. You are free to choose and create your own.

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Two Tone or Mulitcolour Wedding Rings

Wedding rings with two or more colours are called two tone or multicolour wedding rings. In the end, two usually opposing colours create a harmonious overall picture.

Two-tone wedding rings are created by sintering two different alloy discs with the help of high temperatures. Each alloy reacts differently to the temperatures. Sintering is a science in itself. Through sintering, the two discs of the two tone wedding rings are inseparably joined together. A beautiful symbol of partnership or marriage.

Two tone wedding rings - axial sintering

Two tone wedding rings can show a vertical or a horizontal colour separation. The vertical colour separation results in one colour inside the ring and another colour outside the ring. This is also called axial colour separation. The trend for two tone wedding rings is combinations of white or silver-coloured precious metals such as white gold or platinum with yellow, red or rose gold. Not everything has to be the same nowadays. Thus many couples wear the two tone wedding rings in reverse colour order. She wears the ring white inside and rose outside and He the ring rose inside and white outside. We encourage you to make your rings as individual as you are as a couple. Be different and yet the same.

Two tone wedding rings - horizontal

The horizontal colour separation shows quasi different colour discs on the outside of the ring. There are popular standards for the division of the colour discs, such as the 1:1 colour division for a ring divided into equal colour halves. The 1:2:1 division is also often chosen. In this split, the two-coloured wedding ring usually consists of the same alloy on the top and bottom. In the middle, an opposite colour is chosen, which may be adorned with diamonds for the lady.

With two tone wedding rings you are definitely flexible. You can combine the two tone wedding rings very well with silver-coloured jewelry. But the warm shades also go well together. The finer the colour discs, the more filigree the design of the two tone wedding rings.
A diagonal or wave-shaped colour separation is special. You will also find wonderful inspirations from our designers for this. Get inspired and create.