Elegant Style

A certain timelessness is important for wedding rings, because they should give pleasure for a lifetime. Elegance with its timeless beauty is therefore an important design criterion at acredo. We have included it as a principle in our design philosophy.

The elegant wedding rings and engagement rings from acredo are particularly characterized by timeless beauty and subtle design details. Elegance that expresses itself in aesthetics, harmony and a certain naturalness.

With elegance and verve into marriage. Get inspired and create your own.

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Elegant wedding rings - modern classics with personality

Elegance finds its expression in a natural and harmonious aesthetic. The basis is a secure, cultivated style combined with high quality. Elegance is always long-lasting. That is why the elegant style suits acredo so well and determines the formal language of our design. The perfect wedding ring in the elegant style presents itself classically, usually in one color and with a restrained stone setting. Bridal couples who opt for an elegant style value timeless beauty and tradition.

Elegant colors for wedding rings

Gold wedding rings are often preferred. The fascination with the yellow gold alloy has existed for generations and has been passed down in the family from grandmothers and mothers to daughters. A slightly modern variation shows a different color inside the ring than the one visible on the outside. For those who like it more subtle, acredo has recently been launching Signature, a gold alloy that lies between rose and white in hue and perfectly flatters almost every skin tone.

Elegance and individuality

Elegant couples see their wedding rings as more than just a special piece of jewelry. Above all, the focus is on the unique character of their personal love symbols. With acredo, they express this through individual engraving or subtle design details in brilliant manufacturing quality. The combination of outstanding profile shapes with stylish details and noble accents create elegant ring dreams of impressive beauty.
These modern classics do not lose any of their aesthetic appeal; on the contrary, they are fascinatingly beautiful and radiate pure passion and elegance - for a lifetime. Discover the most beautiful wedding rings in the acredo collection of elegant wedding and wedding bands.

Elegant add-on

Classic gold jewelry with diamonds is a perfect match for elegant wedding rings. This includes the stack ring, or an eternity ring, which captures life's precious memories in the form of diamonds and complements the wedding ring in a special way to create a ring set. The elegant ring set is rounded off with a classic engagement ring, where the centre stone is in the spotlight and held securely by a discreet setting.